Meet Believe Magazine’s

Symmone Gordon

Meet Believe Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief

Symmone Gordon

Spiritual explorer, hippy entrepreneur and mind mentor.

I transitioned into this work, scaling up from hobby to purpose, when I decided to stop hiding from me.

Like baking a cake, I threw together my most favourite bits together as an intuitive, psychological astrologer and counselor to help women in business and career who needed more flow, less force…..and a magazine was created in the process too!

I’m into non-judgement (everyone is where they are) making money from meaning, nurturing nature and living sustainably.

I’ve journeyed down many spiritual roads but you know what? All roads lead home…. and mistakes are a fancy name for signposts to success.

Uncertainly gives me wings and routine clips them. Meditation is my mentor and negative thought slayer. Shouldn’t everyone have a thought slayer in their tool kit?

Before becoming Editor in Chief for Believe magazine and a business intuitive, I spent three decades as an entrepreneur in several businesses from fashion designer to retreat centre manager, sustainability consultant to corporate men’s stylist, stock market cowgirl to Civil construction (even a silent partner can die of boredom) Entrepreneurial addiction? Possibly. I discovered burnout is not a cure. The plus side? My logical brain is just as big as the intuitive one.

Coming in at a close second to unravelling and igniting people potential was living in a hut beside a few hundred LOUD Ugandan school kids for 6 months, which led to a bona-fide position as a sustainability consultant with the Cotton On Foundation. I loved collaborating with underprivileged communities in developing countries to build businesses in sustainable food production, water security and community nutrition programs.  I never took clean running water and toilet paper for granted again! 

There’s a spring in my step when I see your gifts and heart fuse; to bring change and love for yourself and your people. Never one for beating around the bush, I’ll challenge and prod (nicely) and push you off that cliff (I know there’s a giant airbag down the bottom) I promise it’s done with loving kindness and a grin.

If you would like to know more about what you need unravelling to ignite your potential, I’m a click away