Sleeping More for Maximum Performance

Sleeping More for Maximum Performance

The myth of how successful people tend to sleep less than lazy people has been peddled for the longest time. Vishen Lakhiani aims to destroy that in this blog.

Top performers, he claims, “get 8 hours and 36 mins.”

He also shares with us how to maximize our sleep with some tips on how to sleep better. From lessening coffee intake to finding out your own optimal sleep time, he gives us the easiest to follow suggestions.

It’s a divisive topic that we at Believe Magazine see both sides presenting compelling evidence. This one is a great argument on the side of sleeping more.

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Symmone is an Entrepreneur, she has created a number of businesses across different industries from Fashion, civil construction to spiritual events. Because of her solid business understanding she is now working as psychological astrologer, counselor, intuitive, spiritual teacher helping women sweep the path free of obstacles so each step can be taken with knowingness and clarity.

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“Joy and aliveness is already within, it is not something to be created, rather unveiled. Your thoughts are not who you are.”

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