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Do you feel like there’s an invisible tug holding you back from reaching your full potential as an entrepreneur? Most of the time, the only obstacles that stand in the way between female entrepreneurs and success are their self-limiting beliefs.

In a nutshell, limiting beliefs are perceptions that we have about ourselves and the world around us that limit us in some way. They can be a product of an experience in the past, and accepted it as truth, coloring our perception and attracting more of the same. To overcome your limiting beliefs, you need to identify what they are, accept them without judgement and choose new beliefs with actions to enforce and anchor. Take a look at the top 6 limiting beliefs keeping female entrepreneurs stuck and see if any of them sound familiar.

1.  I’ll have to sacrifice my personal life

One of the biggest limiting beliefs of female entrepreneurs is that they will have to sacrifice their personal life to follow their entrepreneurial spirit. Add a marriage, children and a pet or two into the equation and you’ve got yourself a ticking time bomb. Will your personal and work life be able to coexist in harmony or is doomed from the very start? While this is a scary thought you need to take it as it is – just a possibility, not a guaranteed outcome. You’re the one in control of your life and you choose how you will live it.

2. What if it’s not perfect?

Let’s be honest – there’s no such thing as perfection. What might seem ‘perfect’ to you today might seem terrible to you tomorrow. You will always be evolving, professionally and personally, and so will your perception of things. So rather than racking your brain to get it
right tomorrow, make it happen today. Don’t use perfectionism as an excuse to procrastinate. Setting high expectations for yourself is great, but it should not come at a price of doing nothing.

3. Others can do it better than me

While you should look to other entrepreneurs for inspiration, you should not compare your potential with theirs. Every entrepreneur has something different to offer the world. Wondering why you haven’t reached the same success as others will only lead you to chase
other people’s dreams instead of pursuing your own. Learn to embrace your uniqueness and use it to help others.

4. Is this really what I want?

When self-doubt kicks in, it can be difficult to think with a clear head. Questions like – “why I am I doing this?”, “what are my motives?” and “do I have the experience and skills to see this through?” can be enough to drive most female entrepreneurs to inactivity. But what if hope is replaced with and intuitive knowing, self-doubt morphs into self-acceptance? Well, in that case, what was once limiting, becomes limitless.

5. I don’t deserve to be successful

This limiting belief makes you feel like you don’t deserve recognition for your contribution to the world. However, this is anything but true. Anything that is a result of innovation, zeal and hard work deserves to be recognised. Don’t underestimate what you can do, and the gifts and abilities you possess. As soon as you acknowledge your self-worth, so will others.

6. Nobody cares about what I have to say

Do you feel like you have a wealth of knowledge to share, but fear it’s not enough? Learning is perpetual. And your knowledge might be what someone needs to put two and two together. So don’t doubt yourself for a second. Be heard right now and be an inspiration to
those hungry for knowledge – knowledge only you can provide.

The good news is that you can overcome these limiting beliefs. The first step is self-acceptance. Accept that you’re not perfect, embrace your flaws and seize life’s opportunity.  Believe in yourself and you will see others believe in you. After all, being an entrepreneur is fundamentally a journey of self-belief and assisting others on theirs.