Anita Moorjani’s Message of Love & Joy

Anita Moorjani’s Message of Love & Joy

Anita Moorjani had been unwell for more than three years with lymphoma when she slipped into a coma in 2006. While unconscious, and in full organ failure, Anita says she experienced a near death experience which changed her life.

During that time, she remembers her deceased father and best friend appearing and explaining that it wasn’t her time to die. Anita also came to the understanding that she had a bigger purpose to fulfill: to share a message of love and joy with people in the physical world. After waking from the 30-hour coma, Anita was treated with chemotherapy and began to recover. Five weeks after arriving in hospital on the brink of death, Anita was in full remission and since then has travelled the world sharing her NDE experience and message. The New York Times bestselling author talks to BELIEVE about how we can use her teachings in every day life.

BELIEVE: What motivates you to continue with your work and message?

Anita: I came back from my NDE with the knowledge that Heaven is a state and not a place. I realized that the peace and love that humankind craves resides inside each and every one of us. We can accept it at any time. We don’t have to wait to die to experience heaven – unconditional love, acceptance and joy. We can experience it right now by simply connecting with our inner truths, honouring them completely and fully loving ourselves in the process. Knowing this truth makes me passionate to share them. I dedicate my life to sharing these powerful lessons world-wide.

BELIEVE: What steps can we take to believe in ourselves and have the strength to forge ahead when we have failed in the past?

Anita: We must love ourselves first and the rest will follow. The most meaningful lesson I learned from being at death’s door is that unless I love myself, nothing else in my life can function at its best. The amount of depth, meaning and joy I experience in my life is in direct proportion to how much love I have for myself. The amount of love, kindness, patience I have for others is also directly proportional to how much love, patience and kindness I have for myself, because we cannot give others what we ourselves do not have. And, unsurprisingly, the amount of love, respect, support, and compassion I receive from others is also in direct proportion to how much of the same I have for myself.

BELIEVE: Do you ever doubt yourself and your message and if so, how do you gather or encourage yourself to continue?

Anita: I do not ever doubt my message as it is my truth. It is what I experienced during my NDE. However, I am no different than anyone else. I have challenging days, frustrating days and sad days but I know this is what it is like to be human. My message that I share with the world reminds me of my magnificence and the truths I learned from my experiential journey. This is my passion and it is what encourages me to spread my message and to continue on.


When we do things that we really enjoy doing, that we are passionate about we will live our life in joy, says Anita.

1. If you’re sick, don’t fight it. Embrace it. Love where you are now. Only when you approach your health challenges from a point of love can you overcome the fear.
2. Sometimes less information is better. When it comes to illness, more information does not necessarily equal more power. Too much research can actually add to the fear and symptoms.
3. Through your illness, your body is giving you a message. Work to understand and be with what is.
4. Everything comes from within.
5. Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?” And do more of that.
6. Don’t obsess and make your life about the illness.
7. Love yourself unconditionally.
8. Positive thinking can only help to a certain extent. It’s more about being yourself and loving yourself – regardless of what you are
going through.
9. Stop judging yourself.
10. Express yourself fully. Ask yourself: “Am I allowing myself to express who I am? Am I being this person because I want to be
accepted, or because it is who I am?”
11. Be centered in your true essence. From the place of pure centered-ness, miracles are possible. It’s about being, not doing. When you are in the space of being, miracles are possible.
12. The only thing that limits you is your own beliefs.
13. The best way to get out of a fear state is to do something that brings you into a state of joy. Find something that changes your state completely. Whatever it is – music or art or going out in nature. Do something completely different. Or meditate. If we can be still, we can go into a different reality.
14. Stay totally open. Get into a defused state in which all of the possibilities lie before you and you haven’t locked into any one.
15. Follow your bliss and do what you love. We tend to do what we think we should do, rather than what our heart tells us to do. We don’t do what makes our heart sing.
16. You are your own guru. All your answers are inside you.
17.Nobody is better than (or less than) you. We are all equal.
18. Focus on your feelings more than your thoughts. Make your everyday choices based on what makes you FEEL good, rather than what you THINK you should do or what others think you should do.
19.Don’t let a fear of failing or displeasing others run your life.
20.Realize your own MAGNIFICENCE

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